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TrueTone tt1 head
TT1 Specification:
  • A 35w to 85w Class AB push-pull Amplifier (and all points in between!).
  • Choice of output valves.
  • Pre-amp uses 12AX7's on all models.
  • Simple 'uncluttered' classic pre-amp design, using a minimum number of gain stages to optimize true guitar tone and reduce inherent noise levels.
  • Tone controls designed to give a wide range of control over tone settings.
  • Foot switch-able and variable level boost. Footswitch supplied with every applicable amplifier.
  • B.J.T. (BI-polar Junction Transistor) based switching for silent and reliable switching of boost mode.
  • Triode/Pentode selectable modes. Pentode mode gives full power whilst triode mode gives approximately half power with greater emphasis on even harmonics and thus a sweeter overall tone response.
  • DC stand - off heaters on valve filaments to reduce hum.
  • Special filter circuitry in power supply to reduce rectifier diode switching noise and thus reduce RF noise. This improves the amp response very subtly.
  • Combines small amount of cathode bias with fixed bias to provide compression when being run hard. This smoothes out the response and rounds out the tone when flat out.
  • Easily accessed external bias controls to optimize output section to users choice of output valve, and to ensure optimum performance from chosen valve set.
  • Point to point hand wired using circuit card and eyelet construction on 3.5 thick blue board for robust build quality and easy future maintenance.
  • Red, Ivory and Black covering as standard.

No PCB’s of any description.


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