In Memory.


As with any group of people, the spector of our personal and family loss is always with us, and I wanted to take this opportunity to remember. Barry North. It has taken me more than a year to put up anything to mark the passing of Barry, not just because it was a sudden and massive loss, because he was such a big man in every sense. His contribution in helping me and us especially on Ra...(he built the prototype) was invaluable and his wit and wisdom will never be forgotten. We are in the process of changing the "Compass" artwork on every product we produce to say "North", as a reminder and a memorial to him. Pete Oliver. Around here, there has only ever been one guitar player who we all went to for advice, help or just to watch. I have never seen a player anywhere who could bring such technique to a range of styles. Pete sold me my first pro guitar, and was the first one on the phone when we were signed with it, just to say well done. A real man. Miriam "Toots" Breecher. Mom passed this last August, and she will without question grace Heaven as much as she graced Earth. We miss you and may you all rest in peace. Mark.