The Mighty "P" Crash and Burn....


World Wide Alert from the Captain! As much as we admire the achievements of a certain major amp company, we would prefer them to ask before stealing features, (and filing patents) from our product range.....Cheeky boys! We are the only company that we are aware of, that have engineered a genuine Class A - Class B rotary control to allow our fellow guitar players the ability to dial between power structures to actually hear the difference. This is a major development and has been turned into just a nice marketing tag line in an ordinary product. This feature is on Truetone 2 & 3. If any of you see this feature, remember that it is our feature exclusively, and please report the theft to your local authorities. Your ears will decide!!! If you want to hear how it is genuinely done rather than a pale simulation, ask your local dealer to contact us or do so yourselves. We are deeply touched by the flattery but please stick to the mass journeyman product that you do, and leave "Boutique" features to the blue blood specialists. Give us a call if the reference is lost on you and we will explain! Captain out!