TrueTone4 is here !!!!!!!!


We have all but completed development on our multi-purpose amp which is part of the TrueTone range - TT4. The face plate colour changes from the standard Cobalt Blue to Bronze, and will be available in Real Tweed - Tolex Tweed print & the Tolex standard colours with the addition of the very complimentary Chocolate......mmmm!!! That is as well as our Custom Shop options!! The idea behind the spec is to have a more all purpose organic Harp/Pedal-Lap Steel/Acoustic combo, and they will be available in the TT2 & TT3 Cabinet sizes as well as the head and cabinet options, and will be from 1 Watt to 50 watts depending on your choice. The amps will be feature packed with some ext line out/recording - feedback & other facilities etc. The Spec Sheet is due on the site so watch this space. Marco & Shane