TrueTone Junior Blue!


Our first floor unit the Junior Blue, is now available. Pictures will be available very soon, and the price is on the July 06 pricelist. Forget it being just another floor or pedal unit though. It is designed as a fully functional tube (valve) amplifier. Yes, it has real pre and power stages, and it has some innovative and unique features including our award winning "Compass and Special Sauce" features, as well as the ability to power a cabinet, line out to amp, balanced line out on a canon and buffered F/X send and return. All of which can run together. The unit also features true bypass and 2 channel switching, along with a switch to defeat the F/X loop. The Blue is ideal for players who need to travel light and demand the tonal advantages of a world class amp. It is 250mm X 175mm X 75mm high and should weigh in under 10KG! And it is Blue! Not that hard really!