This Portfolio

A (somewhat) curated collection of odds and ends by Tyler Bushnell.


This is a portfolio of professional (and unprofessional) objects, designs, and ideas that have been collected here as publication. Most of this work is for hobby and is presented here as a sort of exhale at the end of my design process. Feel free to take a look, and feedback is always welcome. Cheers.


Nickel plated bulbs. Redwood and pine planks. A warm glow that's easy on the eyes.


A dining light that is meant to be hung low to the table and provide a warm glow. The nickel coating shields direct light from diners’ eyes, and the reflection creates contemplative moments.

  • Furniture Design
  • 40

A Gentleman's Set

Geometric walnut cufflinks and tie clip set.


Hand made and assembled, the demonstrative parts of this set are dark walnut. Individual and fine-tuned, this set is perfect for finer affairs.

  • Product Design
  • 19