Street Stage: SF

A winning entry to the SF:Urban Prototyping festival. A stage created to empower and reframe street performers as benefit to the city.

The vision of the project was to create a stage that could be simply made from upcyclced materials, and would reframe street performers as real performers. The original vision included an interactive light show that would increase in intensity as more and more people gathered around, an sort of encouragement for people to slow down and enjoy the music.

From Streetstage:SF:

"Street Stage was conceived at San Francisco's first Urban Prototyping Makeathon, hosted by the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, in September 2012. The Foundation judges liked our idea and invited us to take part in the Urban Prototyping Festival three weeks later, where we presented our first fully functional prototype. Many thanks to George Zisiadis, whose creativity helped bring Street Stage to life, and Tyler Bushnell, the digital guru behind our first prototype."

The Streetstage project lives on at where Ross and John continue to set up new stages around the Bay Area.