Imaginations 2011 Infographics

An infographic for Disney’s 2011 Imaginations contest about an amusement park on the moon.


In 2011 I entered the Disney Imaginations contest with some classmates at Stanford University. Responding to the prompt of having a Disney presence on the moon, we conceptualized a moon colony similar to EPCOT's original vision, with Disney-style attractions as well. I did CAD design of the colony, and created this infographic flier that told some of the information about it.

It was a living and working community that which Earthlings would be able to visit. Our concept used a spinning donut (like space-ships you see in movies) to recreate Earth's gravity. We thought this was an insightful way to delight moon-dwellers who would likely need to wear heavy space-suits, or take other unpleasant measures to prevent muscular atrophy whilst living on the surface.